BioMedVic – Uniting Victorian Research


At the risk of mixing metaphors, there’s never been a better time for a grand coalition of health and medical research organisations such as is represented by Biomedical Research Victoria. Whether it forays into deep space or the human genome, history has shown that a united front will prevail.

Notwithstanding that the component parts will continue to pursue their own agenda, none can claim a ‘mortgage’ on the source of innovation or to have the exclusive ear of government. Some matters are best addressed, or have a better chance of being resolved, through a collaborative and collegial approach built on mutual respect and recognition of the synergy that can be achieved when all interested parties contribute.

We’ve all been buoyed by the optimism created by the promise of the Medical Research Future Fund, the vision of the National Innovation & Science Agenda and the Victorian strategies for Health and Medical Research and Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals. But I believe that we need a collaborative culture able to withstand turf wars and institutional egos – now more than ever.

For over 15 years BioMedVic has worked to unite Victoria’s health and medical research sector and to support the state in becoming a global innovation leader. We have developed state-wide programs and forums, highlighted in our 2015-2016 Annual Report, which will continue to advance the careers of the next generation of researchers, link industry with academia and infrastructure for innovation, support clinician researchers and entrepreneurs and contribute to shaping Victorian policies and priorities for the sector. I look forward to working with the talented, energetic and good-humoured BioMedVic team in the coming year to deliver benefit to members and advocate effectively for stronger research.

Jan Tennent

Check out our 2015-2016 Annual Report “Advocating for Stronger Research” to find out more.