All good things come to an end

Biomedical Research Victoria voluntarily ceased operations at the end of 2019

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As of January 2020, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) has transitioned from BioMedVic to Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.
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Victoria has a vibrant, collaborative and sustainable biomedical research community and we’re proud of our role in its growth. We believe that the job we set out to do is largely done, and that this is the right time to make this decision.

BioMedVic was established in 2001 as the Bio21 Cluster, part of the Victorian Government’s Science and Technology Initiative that seeded a series of innovative undertakings that saw biomedical research flourish in Victoria. More than 40 per cent of Federal Government support for medical research flows to Victorian institutions, supporting 25,000 researchers and clinicians whose discoveries and inventions are changing lives. The commercial biomedical sector employs 21,000 people and generates more than $12.7 billion dollars a year.

With the invaluable support of our Member organisations, BioMedVic has played its part in catalysing this growth, enabling its Members to speak with one voice to government. Research today is generally more integrated, resulting in a suite of initiatives working across organisations in genomics, drug development, clinical trials, bioinformatics, medical devices, translational research, platform technologies and more.

BioMedVic’s CEO and the Chairs of the two Board subcommittees, HRDF and SAC, have taken guidance from committee members in relation to how the value of these groups can endure. Similarly, we are working on a plan to support our much-lauded UROP research skills training program. Details are yet to be resolved but we are working hard to ensure that the benefits of these key activities can continue to be realised.

BioMedVic’s legacy from the past 20 years is evident. On December 5th, 2019, we hosted an event exploring the past, present and future of biomedical research in Victoria.

The Value of Membership

Be Heard

We work to ensure that important issues that hinder our industry are tackled head on. We encourage our members to share their views and make sure they are heard.

Get Connected

We offer a great range of events, forums and networks that support greater collaboration across our sector

Shape the Agenda

We are actively involved in challenging the norms and barriers, and provide the means for our members to shape the future of research in Victoria

Building the Future

Whether through UROP or our other programs, our members are leaving their mark on the next generation of scientific leadership in Victoria

Our Involvement in the Victorian Research Community

Networks & Forums

BioMedVic Board Meeting

Co-designing the future

Our forums & networks are unique, interactive gatherings of Victoria’s leaders in medical, health and scientific research, engaged in thought-provoking discussions about how to make Victoria a global leader in health and medical innovation, improving health and creating wealth.



Making Connections

BioMedVic builds relationships with key Ministers, shadow Ministers, their advisors and key bureaucrats and encourages members to share their perspectives and insights.

2017 Comms Forum panel


BioMedVic regularly submits commentary on behalf of its members and the Victorian Health & Medical Research sector. View our latest submissions here.

Our Programs



UROP is a unique and highly competitive scheme providing undergraduate students with first-hand experience of research in the biomedical sciences, through paid casual employment in research teams.

Parliament of Victoria

Researcher in Residence

BioMedVic’s flagship Policy Skills development program exemplifies what Biomedical Research Victoria is about: influencing the politics of science by educating researchers in political and government process and helping parliamentarians and policy makers understand what is important to researchers.

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Featured Events

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