New potential treatment for premature babies with lung disease

BioMedVic congratulates its member Monash University who, together with the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and the Monash Children’s Hospital, has pioneered a trial for the treatment of premature babies with chronic lung disease. This trial and the substantial body of research underpinning it is led by Professor Euan Wallace, together with Dr Atul Malhotra and Dr Rebecca Lim.

The trial has already established that it is safe to use placenta cells in babies. In the coming phases of the trial, stem cells will be given to babies to assess if they could prevent or cure the chronic lung disease.

“All too often in medical research we hear about ‘breakthroughs’ when there hasn’t really been one. This is different”, said Professor Wallace.

Professor Euan Wallace, head of Monash’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, was awarded the BioMedVic 2014 VCRN Career Recognition Award for his outstanding record in clinical research and research training and recently delivered the keynote at the BioMedVic HREC Professional Development Day, an annual event dedicated to promulgating good practice in research ethics review through the exchange of ideas among Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Chairs and Research Office Directors and Managers.

More information about the trial is available here.