About Us

Victorian researchers have helped improve the lives of millions of people. Their research contributions have built international reputations and drive economic development in the state.

Biomedical Research Victoria is the only collective voice for Victoria’s health and medical research community. We are a not-for-profit membership alliance that includes universities, academic hospitals, medical research institutes, CSIRO and other research organisations.

A unique constellation in Australia, BioMedVic drives innovation in health and medical research by ensuring the collective needs of the research community are heard by government and by encouraging industry and academia to engage in mutually-beneficial conversation.

BioMedVic’s think tanks facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sector intelligence between key opinion leaders while our programs bridge the gap between researchers and policy makers and up-skill the next generation of scientists.

BioMedVic represents the diverse interests of Victoria’s health and medical research organisations into key Victorian Government committees and departments and is a trusted supporter of state government initiatives and funding schemes. Through sustained advocacy, BioMedVic is committed to a long-term science and innovation plan that is well coordinated, focussed on the translation of research outcomes to new knowledge, treatments and improved patient care and is supported by ongoing substantive investment.

BioMedVic’s vision is for the Victorian health and medical research sector to be a global leader in innovation, to improve health and to create wealth. By creating synergies across the sector, BioMedVic works towards stronger research and better skills, employment, investment and growth.