UROP Call for Projects: Refer and You Shall Receive!

UROP is now accepting projects! More information for supervisors  here.

If you are (or have been) a UROP Supervisor, you can benefit from this offer!

Because you know the benefits of having a UROP scholar in the lab, why not share this opportunity with your colleagues?

You just need to refer another researcher to become a UROP Supervisor, and you will receive a $50 cinema voucher! (Terms and conditions apply).

Make sure they let us know who referred them ūüėČ


Terms and conditions:

  • Supervisors must include the name and contact email of their referrer in the project form.
  • The referrer can be both a current or a former UROP Supervisor.
  • To be eligible to receive a voucher, the match between the Supervisor and the UROP Scholar must have been confirmed by BioMedVic and the student must have commenced the placement.
  • Any questions?¬†Please contact nuria.saladie@biomedvic.org.au