Discount offer to BioMedVic Member Organisations 

STEM Matters are strategists, communicators, journalists and editors who specialise in engaging people with complex topics and ideas. They are offering BioMedVic Member Organisations a discount on their ‘Define Your Advantage Workshop & Recommendations’.

Through this half-day workshop, STEM Matters will help participants articulate what matters to their audiences and why working with them is compelling in a language that focuses on their needs. STEM Matters’ team data handling approach achieves consensus on audience-specific messaging across key executives, researchers and/or board. The messaging recommendations are informed by the participant’s strategic objectives so that STEM Matters can shape the messaging and review opportunities for unique communication around them. Participants will also benefit from STEM Matters’ combination of STEM, media, political, and academic sector expertise in polishing the messaging to deliver optimum traction.

For more information, email or Visit their website here: