Inspiring Research Career Paths in Industry, Hospitals & Academia

Congratulations to our 2017 Round 2 cohort of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

BioMedVic warmly thank our colleagues who volunteered their time to participate on interviewing panels and commend every student who applied to this competitive employment scheme.

We continue to be delighted by the breadth of research organisations that chose to employ a talented undergraduate student through the UROP scheme. In this round, the UROP@BioMedVic office matched the best and brightest with industry, hospital, MRI and academic research teams – reflecting Victoria’s vibrant and diverse health and medical research community.

The students will carry out research projects for six to 18 months, for at least 8 hours a week, alongside their undergraduate coursework. We look forward to hearing about their progress at the UROP Conference Day next year.

We wish all UROPs the best of luck!

Read more about the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) here.

CSL’s Principal Sponsorship of UROP to Continue


Last Thursday, Melbourne Town Hall’s Portico Room lit up with passion for science as BioMedVic held the annual Welcome Forum for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). We were thrilled to have UROP students and supervisors share their research experiences and to hear from Dr Andrew Nash, CSL’s Senior Vice President, Research, that CSL will continue as Principal Sponsor of UROP for 2017-2019. Continue reading

Luke Thorburn | UROP@CSIRO

Not Just a “Phase” – UROP Designs Better Way to Visualise Chemical Space

We recently checked in at the CSIRO Parkville Science Club to hear what UROP scholar Luke Thorburn has been up to. Turns out, he’s been busy!

Luke has just finished a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne Uni, majoring in Statistics & Stochastic Processes. As a UROP scholar at CSIRO, he has developed a new visualisation platform for chemical space that will help crystallographers design optimisation screens for protein crystallisation. Continue reading

STEMM Central Bootcamp Kicks Off

sblogoThe energy in the room was electric with many collaborations sparked at the launch of the STEMM Central Bootcamp for Research Commercialisation on 23rd September. As participants heard presentations and got stuck into activities, they received an inspiring lesson on what research translation and commercialisation entails and the core capabilities required to enable successful outcomes. Continue reading

Christina Gangemi | UROP@ARMI

A budding researcher is bringing the secrets of stem cells into sharp focus.

Christina Gangemi_Photo

“It’s a continual process of uncovering the unknown,” Christina said when asked about what draws her to science.

And intrigued by what makes adult stem cells tick, Christina’s curiosity found a home when she first joined the Hobbs lab at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) through a UROP placement in 2016.

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STEMM Workshop_101STEMM Workshop_098

Victorian medical researchers are set to receive a leg-up on their path to clinical and commercial success.

Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx), in partnership with BioMedvic, will deliver the STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) Bootcamp – a training program designed to help early career medical researchers translate their discoveries. The Honourary Philip Dalidakis, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, launched the program in June.

STEMM Bootcamp builds on the successful Molecules to Medicine (M2M) Program, curated by CTx, as an online and in-person skill development program. Participating researchers undertake short, intensive education modules and activities designed to build strength, competency and connections in research translation and commercialisation.

Following the launch, the program was kicked off with a co-design workshop, facilitated by PwC Indigenous Consulting. The workshop brought together key stakeholders from research and industry and crystallised key elements and the core skills required for research translation and commercialisation.

The overwhelming energy and success of the co-design workshop gave us a clear direction for the future of STEMM Bootcamp.

And if the program has piqued your interest, stay tuned – we will be recruiting for participants in August.

STEMM Workshop_207 STEMM Workshop_197 STEMM Workshop_161 STEMM Workshop_155

UROP Scholars in Data Sequencing Publication

Biomedical Research Victoria is proud to announce that two of its Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) scholars have seen the fruits of UROP participation, in a new research paper published this month.

A new tool is available to researchers which can help speed up and improve their analysis of piles of next generation sequencing data. The UNDR ROVER technology has been published this month BMC Bioinformatics*. Continue reading

It’s important for researchers to communicate their work clearly

BioMedVic supports the career advancement of up-and-coming health and biomedical researchers and was proud to provide fully-supported scholarships for six early career researchers from BioMedVic Member organisations to attend a media training for scientists workshop on 21 Oct.

Hamish Innes-Brown said “The format of having the media people come and do practice interviews really put us all on the spot and made us think. Much more involving than a lecture…Thanks again for the support to attend, it’s a fantastic initiative!”.

BioMedVic looks forward to offering this opportunity again in early 2015.

Recipients of the BioMedVic scholarship (L-R:) TinaMarie Lieu, MIPS; Sophie Broughton, St Vincent's Institute; Husna Begum, Baker IDI; Kathryn Backholer, Baker IDI; Hamish Innes-Brown, Bionics Institute; Lesley Cheng, The University of Melbourne.
Recipients of the BioMedVic scholarship
(L-R:) TinaMarie Lieu, MIPS; Sophie Broughton, St Vincent’s Institute; Husna Begum, Baker IDI; Kathryn Backholer, Baker IDI; Hamish Innes-Brown, Bionics Institute; Lesley Cheng, The University of Melbourne.

UROP Conference Day 2013

The annual UROP Conference travelled to Monash University this year, taking place in the School of Biomedical Sciences on Wednesday 10 July.  More than 100 attendees saw presentations throughout the day from 27 current and former UROP students.

We were delighted to welcome the Minister for Technology, The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips, to formally open the proceedings.

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program welcomes new UROP students!

It has been an exciting few months for UROP.

The Welcome Forum for 2013, generously supported by principal sponsor CSL, was held on February 23rd.  Approximatly 40 people in attendance heard from two current UROP students, Charles Gray (Walter & Eliza Hall Institute) and Ashwyn Perera (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute), who provided a practical and inspiring introduction to the new intake of students by describing their UROP experiences.  Representing the programs’ second principal sponsor, the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI), Helen Gardiner also spoke about the computational resources available to UROP students through the VLSCI.

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