The Art of Communication

“An essential day in my calendar”, “engaging and well curated program”, “a ripper of a day – beautifully organised and conceived”, “loved the content”, “thanks for this great event that supports our profession” was the feedback we received from participants of our second annual BioMedVic Communications Professionals Forum.

The highly successful event held on Friday 28th of April attracted media, communications and engagement professionals from a diverse range of organisations involved in the health and medical research sector. Participants learnt about branding and rebranding, designing infographics on a shoestring, communicating within complex organisations, different ways of measuring success in communications, communications in a crisis and public engagement. The day ended with a spirited discussion about how to communicate evidence in the age of fake news with panellists from Fairfax, IFL Science and The Conversation, among others. The discussion continued over networking drinks and nibbles. Continue reading

Workshop | Clinical Trials Essentials


BioMedVic is pleased to partner with PRAXIS Australia to deliver the Clinical Trials Essentials workshop suite to the Australian clinical trials sector over the next six months. Topics include Privacy in Research, Research Integrity and Clinical Trials, ICH E6 Addendum and Social Media in Research.

BioMedVic Members are eligible for discounts for group bookings of 15 or more – ask PRAXIS for details.

More details here.

Science, As You’ve Never Seen It



If you took a walk through the Fed Square Atrium recently, you were probably unaware you’d stumbled across cutting edge research.

That’s because WEHI researchers presenting at the annual “Art of Science” Exhibition, held from August 12-21, displayed snapshots of their science as not bar graphs and plots. Instead, they showcased a connoisseur’s selection of artistic imagery that could have adorned the walls of art galleries – the intricate structures of biology at molecular scale.
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New Engagement Manager Joins BioMedVic

If you attended either event featured in this newsletter my face will already be familiar to you, but I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself as Biomedical Research Victoria’s new Engagement Manager. Having recently taken the reins of both UROP and the VCRN, I am thrilled to pick up from an impressive legacy left behind by Dr Udani Ratnayake.


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BioMedVic’s Researcher in Residence on the radio

BioMedVic CEO Jan Tennent & Researcher in Residence Katherine Locock spoke on the ABC RN Afternoons program on 4 April.

BioMedVic’s Researcher in Residence in the press

A story featuring Researcher in Residence Katherine Locock & Senator Kim Carr appeared in The Australian on 30 March.

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Researchers Now in Residence

This week our Researchers in Residence (RiR), Dr Katherine Locock (CSIRO), Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles (Monash University) and Dr Jessica Holien (St Vincent’s Institute for Medical Research), started their three month internships.

BioMedVic’s RiR program provides an opportunity for researchers from a BioMedVic member organisation to be placed part-time in the Victorian office of a range of state and federal parliamentarians.  Continue reading

Collaboration and Idea Sharing explored at the BioMedVic Communications Professionals Forum

Telling stories to engage our audiences

Story telling is a skill that never dates. However, where we once sat around a fire and talked about the current news, we now check our smartphones to read the latest on our social media feeds.

People are plugging into podcasts, short videos meet limited attention spans and content interaction is king! In this explosion of media and channel opportunities, how does the biomedical sector not only keep up, but lead?

Collaboration and idea sharing

The BioMedVic Communications Professionals Forum, held in early March, provided an environment for media advisors, digital managers, marketing producers and event coordinators from across Victoria’s biomedical sector to discuss opportunities to stay ahead of the technology curve and continue to deliver engaging content. Continue reading

CEO Report – February

An articulate, passionate and outspoken research community potentially means more collaborations, more funding, greater security and in times of financial constraint more effective and greater advocacy. Our aim at BioMedVic, is not only to be the collective voice of Victoria’s health and medical research community but to also help our members be more vocal about the great research they are doing.

BioMedVic was a principal supporter of the 2015 Victorian round of “Fresh Science” – a national skills development program that provides early-career researchers  with the communication and media skills to become spokespeople both for their own research and science in general.

“Fresh Science” ticks many of the boxes of what BioMedVic is about: assisting our member’s up and coming scientists and researchers to raise the profile – of themselves, their research and their institution. Continue reading

‘Researcher in Residence’ Opportunity

BioMedVic recently launched the 2016 round of its ‘Researcher in Residence’ Scheme

A short-term ‘Researcher in Residence’ opportunity will be provided for up to five (5) early career researchers from Biomedical Research Victoria Member organisations to be placed part-time in the Victorian office of a range of state and federal parliamentarians.

Researcher in Residence Scheme