Putting Melbourne on the Map

At BioMedVic, we’ve been brewing up exciting plans for Members.

We are delighted to announce that BioMedVic will be supporting publication of an online interactive research network map produced by Nature Index, which will show output and collaboration in high quality research between institutions in the greater Melbourne region. This updateable map will be based on publications in the top natural science journals tracked by the Nature Index website (www.natureindex.com), which is an open access platform owned by Springer Nature, publisher of Nature, with data published under a creative commons license. Continue reading

The Bottom Line

With the catchcry that there’s “…never been a more exciting time…” being applied to our Australian lifestyle and across the sectors of the economy including medical research,
I’m keenly awaiting announcements later today in the Victorian budget and also next week in the federal budget that will facilitate actions to transform the rhetoric into reality.   Continue reading

Stem cell leaders meet to accelerate translation of therapies to the clinic

More than 160 scientists, clinicians, government regulators and business figures gathered at the Melbourne Brain Centre Parkville on 16 & 17 May to explore the challenges of moving stem cell science from the laboratory to the clinic.

“Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cells: Prospects and Pitfalls” was co-delivered with Stem Cells Australia and the first of two symposia planned by the Bio21 Cluster in 2013.  The diverse program included examples of potential stem cell treatments in sports medicine, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, vision loss, drug discovery and cord blood banking.

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