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Victorian Government Vouchers are Back!

BioMedVic welcomes today’s news that the Victorian Government is investing in the future of Victorian businesses with $14.5 million in new funding to help businesses grow.

Under the Boost Your Business program, Victorian businesses will be able to apply for vouchers to access targeted services from January 2018. The vouchers will provide funding for businesses to engage registered service providers to undertake activities such as developing new products, improving business processes and systems, identifying new export markets, undertaking research and development or gaining certification.

The vouchers will be available under four different streams:

The first round opens on 29 January 2018 and more information is available here.

Printing the Human Body



Imagine replacing an amputated arm with a perfect replica, or swapping a diseased kidney with a freshly printed, healthy organ.

It may sound like sci-fi, but at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne a group of biologists, material scientists, biomedical engineers and robotic experts are coming together to make that happen. The Advanced Biofabrication Centre, launched in October, is set to take bionic research and regenerative medicine to the next level. Continue reading

Innovation Connect launches


BioMedVic and AusBiotech were pleased to launch Innovation Connect: a thought leader series bridging research and industry on Tuesday 21 June in Melbourne.

The first event in the series, “Accelerating Innovation: Browse, connect & engage with Victoria’s world-class research infrastructure”, featured the Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN). This highly successful, sold out event hosted both industry and academia, and featured three case studies from facility and industry partners on how connecting with VPTN, Australia’s largest network of publicly-funded facilities, advances innovation in biotechnology:

  • Accelerating product development for scientific & medical analysis
    Dr Andrew Gooley – Chief Scientific Officer, Trajan Scientific and Dr Caroline Laverty – Manager at MATF, a VPTN member facility
  • Collaborating on advanced 3D printed titanium surgical implants
    Robert Thomson – Technology & Production Manager, Anatomics and Dr Leon Prentice – Group Leader at CSIRO, a VPTN member facility
  • Preventing neurodegenerative disease progression
    Colin Masters – Laureate Professor, The University of Melbourne; Dr Jack Parsons – Principal Scientist, Prana Biotechnology and Dr Nicholas Williamson – Facility Manager, Bio21 Institute, a VPTN member facility

The presentations were followed by a lively networking session where researchers and industry participants engaged over canapés and drinks.

Innovation Connect: a thought leader series bridging research and industry


AusBiotech and Biomedical Research Victoria (BioMedVic) are pleased to launch Innovation Connect: a thought leader series bridging research and industry.

Innovation Connect is series of thought-leader events to be held in Victoria, to facilitate and encourage engagement between researchers and industry. The event series will feature topics of mutual interest. Continue reading

Opening the doors of Victoria’s cutting-edge research facilities to industry

Industry and academic researchers can now gain easy access to an extraordinary selection of publicly funded scientific instruments and expertise across Victoria’s research institutions through a single access web portal.

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New web portal connects business to R&D help

Victorian businesses and researchers can now easily access technical experts in universities and research institutes to aid R&D output.

PlatformConnect is a free online tool that enables you to connect with technologies and expertise in research organisations across the State who are keen to help you in areas ranging from stem cells to supercomputing, microscopy to manufacturing or nanofabrication to nutrition.  

Create a free PlatformConnect account and then take three easy steps:

  1. Post your project to automatically notify a set of Providers (VPTN facilities).
  2. Receive responses from Providers who can help.
  3. Choose a Provider and get started.

PlatformConnect is an initiative of the Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN).

VPTN Showcase

The Victorian Platform Technologies Network’s expansion into disciplines such as engineering science, exercise and sports science, materials and nano-science and mathematics as well as biosciences, was evident at this year’s showcase Discover. Connect. Grow. held at the Australian Synchrotron on 11 September, 2014.

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VPTN Showcase

With comments like “That talk was great” and “Our Board members need to hear this”, we were confident that VPTN’s inaugural Facilities Showcase was hitting the mark.

The event, themed Discover. Connect. Grow was the first event of its kind, and with feedback like “absolutely brilliant!” and “networking was excellent”, the showcase provided a great opportunity for facilities and researchers from universities, medical research institutes and industry to connect.

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ARIN Project Update

ARIN is a best practice process and information system for online booking, invoicing and reporting that will allow academic and industry researchers to access instruments, services and products throughout Victoria – opening up opportunities for innovative research.  Continue reading

Australian Research Infrastructure Network funding announcement

The software solution at the heart of the Australian Research Infrastructure Network (ARIN) will transform the way researchers and biotech see and access resources in the Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN).

The Victorian Government as part of their Technology Plan for the Future have provided funding to support the VPTN to purchase software and manage the system. The initiative will provide facilities with an advanced software resource to manage their scientific core facilities, to create transparency in capability and simplify user access. This will enable greater engagement between facilities and a more diverse user base, including biotech, pharma and academic researchers, creating sustainability in the infrastructure base, and driving collaboration.

The information system and reporting capability provides a new degree of insight into resource utilisation to assist facilities and organisations in developing their enabling technologies.

Visit the VPTN website to learn more about ARIN.