Nature Index Melbourne Collaboration Map

We warmly invite you to explore the key connections that are at the heart of Melbourne’s reputation as a City of Science and Innovation.

BioMedVic is delighted to sponsor the online interactive research network map produced by Nature Index, which shows output and collaboration in high quality research between institutions in the greater Melbourne region. This updateable map is based on publications in the top natural science journals tracked by the Nature Index website (, which is an open access platform owned by Springer Nature, publisher of Nature, with data published under a creative commons license.

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Strengthening Victoria’s relationships with Osaka

BioMedVic CEO Prof Jan Tennent bolstered international bridges for clinical research and trials this month, as she hosted a delegation from Osaka to discuss professional exchange opportunities abroad for Victoria’s clinicians and scientists. Continue reading

Printing the Human Body



Imagine replacing an amputated arm with a perfect replica, or swapping a diseased kidney with a freshly printed, healthy organ.

It may sound like sci-fi, but at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne a group of biologists, material scientists, biomedical engineers and robotic experts are coming together to make that happen. The Advanced Biofabrication Centre, launched in October, is set to take bionic research and regenerative medicine to the next level. Continue reading

How to Split the Pie

coinsBring industry expertise to academia – this was the message I brought to Ian Frazer when he was in Melbourne recently with other members of the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board for a public consultation on the MRFF.

I recommended a portion of the Fund would be well spent on initiatives to embed colleagues with experience and a successful track record gained in industry into research. This suggestion was made rather than, or at least in addition to, the reverse – a call for increasing numbers of researchers to spend time in industry learning the ropes of commercialisation, which while admirable may take some considerable time to yield the results we hope for. The proposal was not surprising given my own experience and that of several BioMedVic Directors who can all attest to the two-way impact of building bridges between industry and academia, something BioMedVic has encouraged for some time. Continue reading

Inspired to Innovate

Academic researchers, board directors, investment leaders and business development managers were treated to an engaging talk on the future of innovation in Australia on the 18th of August at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

GeraldChan1-1788-e1470627166678   Gerald_Chan_talk

Gerald Chan (left) inspired an attentive audience or innovation at Melbourne’s Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

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Special Seminar on 18 Aug: Dr Gerald Chan, CEO of Morningside, USA

Biomedical Research Victoria is pleased to promote:

“The Role of Universities in the Innovation Ecosystem”
Dr Gerald Chan
CEO, Morningside, USA


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Innovation Connect launches


BioMedVic and AusBiotech were pleased to launch Innovation Connect: a thought leader series bridging research and industry on Tuesday 21 June in Melbourne.

The first event in the series, “Accelerating Innovation: Browse, connect & engage with Victoria’s world-class research infrastructure”, featured the Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN). This highly successful, sold out event hosted both industry and academia, and featured three case studies from facility and industry partners on how connecting with VPTN, Australia’s largest network of publicly-funded facilities, advances innovation in biotechnology:

  • Accelerating product development for scientific & medical analysis
    Dr Andrew Gooley – Chief Scientific Officer, Trajan Scientific and Dr Caroline Laverty – Manager at MATF, a VPTN member facility
  • Collaborating on advanced 3D printed titanium surgical implants
    Robert Thomson – Technology & Production Manager, Anatomics and Dr Leon Prentice – Group Leader at CSIRO, a VPTN member facility
  • Preventing neurodegenerative disease progression
    Colin Masters – Laureate Professor, The University of Melbourne; Dr Jack Parsons – Principal Scientist, Prana Biotechnology and Dr Nicholas Williamson – Facility Manager, Bio21 Institute, a VPTN member facility

The presentations were followed by a lively networking session where researchers and industry participants engaged over canapés and drinks.

Through an international lens …

It’s often difficult to gauge just how highly Victoria’s health and medical research capabilities are respected until you leave our shores.

From 24 February – 2 March inclusive I was part of the 2016 City of Melbourne Business Missions to China and Medical Japan, the latter also involving the Victorian Government. China and Japan are respectively Australia’s first and second largest trading partners and among the most innovative nations in the world, so the mission offered me the chance to promote the life sciences research capabilities of the state and in particular of the members of Biomedical Research Victoria. Continue reading

CEO Report – February

An articulate, passionate and outspoken research community potentially means more collaborations, more funding, greater security and in times of financial constraint more effective and greater advocacy. Our aim at BioMedVic, is not only to be the collective voice of Victoria’s health and medical research community but to also help our members be more vocal about the great research they are doing.

BioMedVic was a principal supporter of the 2015 Victorian round of “Fresh Science” – a national skills development program that provides early-career researchers  with the communication and media skills to become spokespeople both for their own research and science in general.

“Fresh Science” ticks many of the boxes of what BioMedVic is about: assisting our member’s up and coming scientists and researchers to raise the profile – of themselves, their research and their institution. Continue reading

Connecting research with industry to improve health and create wealth

Bravo Frank McGuire, Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research, for the passionate call to Australian researchers published last week in the Herald Sun to add their ingenuity and innovation to that of the US in the fight to cure cancer.

Highlighted by US President Obama in his 2016 State of the Union address, Cancer Moonshot 2020 is a collaborative program aimed at combating cancer by the end of the decade. Continue reading