Superstars of STEM: improving visibility of women in science

Science and Technology Australia (STA) has launched this year’s Superstars of STEM in celebration of 60 women with outstanding scientific careers. This initiative aims to improve the public visibility of women in STEM, to achieve an equal representation of female STEM spokespeople in the media, and to promote role models for young girls and women to pursue scientific careers.

Women working in several BioMedVic member organisations are among the 2019 Superstars of STEM:

  • Swinburne University: Muneera Bano and Felicity Furey
  • CSIRO: Sam Grover, Laura Kuhar, Madeline Mitchell, Sharon Hook, Sarah Pearce, Cathy Robinson and Sonja Dominik
  • RMIT: Kate Fox and Asha Rao
  • Monash University: Sharna Jamadar and Kirsten Ellis
  • Deakin University: Ellen Moon
  • Melbourne Health: Anita Goh

You can read more and discover all the Superstars of STEM here.