Putting Melbourne on the Map

Image credit: Nature Index

At BioMedVic, we’ve been brewing up exciting plans for Members.

We are delighted to announce that BioMedVic will be supporting publication of an online interactive research network map produced by Nature Index, which will show output and collaboration in high quality research between institutions in the greater Melbourne region. This updateable map will be based on publications in the top natural science journals tracked by the Nature Index website (www.natureindex.com), which is an open access platform owned by Springer Nature, publisher of Nature, with data published under a creative commons license.

The online map will be launched in association with a NatureJobs Career Guide on Melbourne to be published in the 18 May issue of Nature and distributed at the 2017 BIO International Convention in San Diego (June 19-22). The map will also carry a regularly updated feed of jobs and events in Melbourne from NatureJobs. In mid-2017, the map will be updated to include data from a revised list of natural science journals, and will later be expanded to include articles from over 60 clinical medical titles expected to be added to the Index towards year end.

BioMedVic Member organisations will enjoy a number of exclusive benefits from the new partnership between BioMedVic and Nature Index – stay tuned for details.

If you have further questions about the map, career guide or Nature Index, please contact d.swinbanks@nature.com.
Jan Tennent, CEO, Biomedical Research Victoria