How long does Microneedling take?

How long does Microneedling take?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that uses a minimally invasive technique to make tiny pricks, stimulating the skin’s natural response to replace damaged cells with new ones. The procedure aims to treat skin conditions through new collagen production. That’s why Microneedling is also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy. 

Research studies highlight that Microneedling is a practical approach to reduce acne and scars appearance. Some studies show that it can also reduce stretch marks and play a crucial role in fading aging signs, including wrinkles, fine lines, spots, etc. 

Bear in mind that you are an ideal candidate for this minimally invasive procedure if your skin is in good condition with fewer concerns. The question is: how long does Microneedling take? Is it a simple procedure? Let’s find out! 

Microneedling Procedure 

Microneedling is an effective cosmetic procedure that requires the surgeon or doctor to make tiny pricks under your skin using a roller or pen-like tool. One of the benefits of Microneedling is that you won’t notice the pinpricks after the procedure. 

A qualified, professional, and experienced surgeon knows how to use the pen-like tool and move it evenly on your skin. The purpose is to stimulate your skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin naturally. 

Before making the pinpricks, your surgeon will use apply an anesthetic on your skin to reduce discomfort and pain during the procedure. The doctor or surgeon applies the anesthetic at least one before the Microneedling procedure. 

Studies show that Microneedling is a pretty straightforward procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes. However, if you have dry, damaged skin, the surgeon may apply some topical creams or ointments to maintain your skin moisture. 

In that case, the procedure may take more than 30 minutes. However, this occurs rarely, meaning the surgeon will complete the process within 30-40 minutes. After the procedure, your surgeon may apply a serum or ointment to soothe and calm your skin. Therefore, you can expect to spend 1-2 hours at the clinic. 

Microneedling can lead to peeling, bruising, infection, and bleeding if you fail to follow your doctor’s instructions. Remember, pregnant women and people with eczema or psoriasis are not ideal candidates for the Microneedling procedure. If you have undergone radiation therapy recently, make sure you avoid the procedure. 


Microneedling is a minimally invasive approach that requires the surgeon to make tiny pinpricks in your skin to stimulate new collagen production. The entire process takes 1-2 hours, including 30 minutes of the pinpricking procedure. 

Keep in mind that after the procedure, you will have to reduce exposing your skin to the sun’s UV rays. Doctors recommend applying quality sunscreen every time you go out in the sun. Protect your skin from infections by using a prescribed antibiotic topical cream. 

You will see results within a few weeks after your first session. If you want to achieve desired results, you will have to undergo multiple sessions with at least six-week intervals. That way, you can achieve better, smoother, healthier, and rejuvenated skin tissue. 

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