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Statistics Workshop presented by Professor David Vaux

As part one of our most popular VCRN Forums, Professor David Vaux talks about Statistics and publishing in Big Journals

The VCRN holds occasional forums and activities on topics of specific relevance to clinician researchers. Below is a list of past activities and forums, speakers and presentations available for download.

2018 Clinician Researcher Career Recognition Award – Nominations now open

2016 Career Recognition Award – nominations now closed

The VCRN Career Recognition Award is an initiative of the VCRN instigated to identify and honour individuals with an outstanding record in patient-based research and clinical work, recognising their exemplary contribution to supervision and mentoring of other clinical researchers. 

2016 Early Career Clinician Researcher (ECCR) Award – applications now closed

This award recognises and supports clinicians that have demonstrated their commitment to careers as clinician-scientists and is presented annually for the categories of Allied Health, Medical and Nursing.

Statistics Workshop presented by Professor David Vaux

In case you missed his presentation at the BioMedVic VCRN Forum in November 2015, watch this video to hear Prof David Vaux talking about Statistics and publishing in Big Journals at a recent Neuroscience Research Australia meeting.

2015 Early Career Clinician Research (ECCR) Award

Congratulations to the VCRN 2015 Early Career Clinician Researcher (ECCR) award winners and commendees. The inaugural ECCR awards were announced and presented by Kathleen Philip, Chief Allied Health Advisor, at a VCRN Forum at the AMREP Education Centre on Thursday 12 November 2015. More information here>

VCRN Career Recognition Award – 14 August 2015

In honour of Professor Euan Wallace AM, Monash Health


  • Welcome from Professor Eric Morand, Head of School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University
  • Dr Ryan Hodges, Head of Perinatal Services, Monash Health
  • Professor Euan M Wallace
  • Awards Ceremony presented by Dr Megan Robertson, Director of Research, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Followed by lunch and networking session

 Clinician Researcher ‘Needs Analysis’ Survey

The VCRN ‘Clinician Researcher Needs Analysis’ survey was conducted in 2011 to determine research capacity in hospitals and identify clinician researchers’ needs.  Distributed through 15 research-active hospitals across Victoria, Biomedical Research Victoria was thrilled to receive responses from 1027 VCRN members to make this survey the largest of its kind ever conducted in Australia. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate.

Survey respondents were primarily employed in public hospitals, with comparable numbers of medical doctors, nurses and allied health professionals represented, most of whom were early-mid career.  The responses confirmed that there are many research-qualified or -experienced individuals who are currently not participating in research.  Protected time for research clearly emerged as the most important determinant of the ability of clinicians to participate in research.

Preliminary findings from the survey informed BioMedVic’s contributions to the McKeon Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research.

Significantly, the survey results have now been published:

Hiscock, H., Ledgerwood, K., Danchin, M., Ekinci, E., Johnson, E. and Wilson, A. (2014), Clinical research potential in Victorian hospitals: the Victorian clinician researcher needs analysis survey, Internal Medicine Journal 44 (5), 477-482.

VCRN Translational Research Evening – 2 April 2014


  • Prof Sally Green
  • A/Prof Harriet Hiscock
  • Prof Gary Freed

Download presentations:

VCRN Statistics Workshop – 7 November 2013


  • Prof David Vaux
  • Mr Sean McGuigan

VCRN Career Recognition Evening – 8 August 2013

In honour of Professor George Jerums AM, Austin Hospital


  • Prof Terry O’Brien
  • Prof Ego Seeman
  • Prof George Jerums AM

VCRN Evening Forum – 18 April 2013


  • Prof Neville Yeomans AM
  • Assoc. Prof Terry Haines
  • Prof Ingrid Winship

Download presentations:

VCRN Evening Forum – 13 September 2012


  • Prof Kerin O’Dea
  • Prof Melissa Wake
  • Assoc. Prof Julie Bernhardt

Download presentations:

VCRN Evening Forum – 5 March 2012


  • Dr Greg Marchand
  • Prof David Taylor
  • Dr Gerard Gibbs

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