The BioMedVic Early Career Clinician Researcher (ECCR) Award recognises and supports clinicians that have demonstrated their commitment to careers as clinician-scientists.

Frequently Asked Questions


The ECCR award is presented annually in recognition of a researcher’s achievement in one of the following categories:

  • Allied Health
  • Medical
  • Nursing

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must be within 5 years of their PhD (not including any career disruption)
  2. Applicants currently completing their PhD are eligible to apply
  3. Applicants must be undertaking a research project at one of BioMedVic’s member organisations

Application Details

All documents should be in .pdf format and must include:

  1. A 1-page cover letter describing your research, your future research career aspirations and what benefit you expect to obtain from receiving this award
  2. A 1-page letter of support from your supervisor
  3. A short CV (maximum of 4 pages), in 12 point font, including qualifications, publications and presentations
  4. Evidence of enrolment/completion of PhD and evidence of career disruption (if applicable)

Conditions of Award

  1. Applications will be peer-reviewed. This award is merit-based and we reserve the right not to award the funds in this round if there are no qualifying applicants of suitable calibre.
  2. The awardee will receive a prize to contribute to attendance at a relevant conference/meeting within 12 months of receiving the award.
  3. Awardee must submit a 1 page (400-500 word) report outlining the benefits of attending the conference to their research and their career aspirations. Inclusion of photographs in the report is encouraged. Reports must be submitted with 2 months of conference attendance.

Where to find more information

For further information please contact the VCRN Coordinator Nuria Saladie on +61 3 9035 7965.

ECCR Award Applications are currently closed

Past ECCR Awards