The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is a highly regarded scheme that contributes to workforce development across the health and biomedical research sector.  Unique by virtue of being a paid employment program, Biomedical Research Victoria is proud to have helped more than 580 students gain UROP jobs since 2004.

Earlier this year CSL announced that it would increase its commitment as Principal Sponsor of UROP with the award of stipends worth more than $50,000 in total to support the placement of undergraduate students in research projects. “We understand the importance of fostering the next generation of leading biomedical researchers. This is why we continue to support UROP and the efforts of Biomedical Research Victoria to create invaluable career paths for biomedical researchers”, says Dr Andrew Nash, Senior Vice President of Research, CSL.

The 2016 CSL UROP stipend recipients are:

Liah Clarke who will undertake her UROP work with Ashley Buckle at Monash University;

Nicholas McKenzie working with Chen Davidovich at Monash University;

Jack Qian working with Sam John at the University of Melbourne;

Sam MacIntyre working with Janet Newman at CSIRO;

Jack Alexandrovics working with Sophie Payne at the Bionics Institute;

Catherine McIntyre working with Normand Pouliot at Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute;

Yana Resosudarno working with Anthony Purcell at Monash University;

Alex Tokolyi working with Mirana Ramialison at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute; and

Scott Gigante working with Chris Woodruff at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute.