Connecting research with industry to improve health and create wealth

US billionaire entrepreneur, Patrick Soon-Shiong is behind the program and has pulled together a coalition of naturally-competitive drug and biotech companies together with clinical specialists, cancer research institutes and, importantly, medical insurers who will ultimately play a role in seeing novel  drugs are made available to those in need.

As Victoria’s leading network of academic hospitals, universities, independent medical research institutes, CSIRO and other research organisations, BioMedVic shares similar aspirations to an important aspect of Moonshot 2020, albeit on a smaller scale.  We encourage and support Victoria’s health and medical researchers to collaborate across institutional borders and to work in partnership with industry to effectively and efficiently translate research outcomes to improve health and create wealth.

Last week’s stellar announcement from the Victorian-based CRC for Cancer Therapeutics (CTx) underscores the benefits that, in the words of CTx CEO Warwick Tong, “can be achieved when science and commercialisation capabilities unite.”

BioMedVic looks forward in 2016 to continuing our work to help Victoria become one of the world’s best hubs in health and medical innovation and to harness that expertise to: achieve lofty goals such as novel treatments for cancer; develop new knowledge, products and medical technologies to meet the needs of patients and the health system; and encourage scientists to “keep talking” with big pharma, biotech entrepreneurs, politicians and the general public about what we do and how well we do it!

Jan Tennent

CEO, BioMedVic