BioMedVic Advocacy Hits the Ground Running in 2017

At BioMedVic, we reiterate our key advocacy positions at every opportunity: Victoria and Victorians will be best served by a long-term science and innovation plan that has bipartisan support; is well supported financially and focussed on areas in which Victoria is or has the potential to be a world leader and in which the clinical and economic benefits can be captured; is well coordinated across the whole of government and robust enough to withstand the cycles of politics and politicians.

You will be interested to learn that I’ve now had three productive meetings with Gareth Goodier to learn more about his new role and focus as Executive Chair of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct. Charged with providing “strategic advice to the Victorian Government on actions required to drive economic development in the Parkville Precinct” there is clearly some geographical overlap between his role and the state-wide remit of BioMedVic. I will be doing all I can to make sure that we continue to have open and constructive dialogue and work cooperatively to ensure that all of Victoria’s health and medical research community benefits from the attentions and resources of the Government and the Premier through his Jobs and Investment Panel.

Meanwhile, BioMedVic’s ties to the Victorian Government continue to bear fruit – evident by the opportunity to assist the government by administering the application process for the Victorian Health and Medical Research Fellowships. We couldn’t be more pleased to see this tangible translation to reality of one of the objectives of the Victorian Health and Medical Research Strategy 2016-2020 and are proud to work with the government to support mid-career health and medical researchers.

We’ve certainly hit the ground running this year and look forward to continuing our advocacy marathon throughout 2017.

Jan Tennent