Building skills through education & training

UROP’s mission is to enhance biomedical and biotechnology skills capability-building for Victoria, specifically:

  • To give high performing undergraduate students an opportunity to gain experience in a biomedical research team
  • To build workforce capacity skilled in biomedical research, particularly in developing fields, and attract students from other disciplines into the biomedical and biotechnology sector
  • To build relationships between universities, medical research institutes and the biomedical industry
  • To increase the number of ‘work-ready’ graduates

Read the UROP information flyer for more details.

What’s Involved?

UROP is a paid employment scheme designed to give undergraduate students an early opportunity to experience real-life research and gain insight into careers in biomedical research. Students undertake a project which is part of the research program of a biomedical research laboratory, are supervised by a research scientist and work alongside other research staff and students in the team.

There is a wide variety of project areas included in the UROP scheme including basic biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, bioengineering and bioinformatics. The selection of projects differs with each intake as different projects are on offer each time. Most research positions available through the UROP scheme are laboratory-based, but UROP also offers biomedical research projects for computational science and mathematics students.

While the scheme is not a formal part of undergraduate coursework, it is supported by universities because it aims to provide a vertical integration of practical research into the undergraduate years. Students are able to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in undergraduate science-based courses in this program and vice versa.

There are many benefits to participating in UROP. As a student, you will:

  • Experience being part of a research team
  • Develop expertise in laboratory techniques and experimental design
  • Develop skillsets for future employment
  • Potentially contribute to scientific publications, patents and presentations
  • Create a professional network
  • Participate in career development workshops and events

UROP students placed July 2017 – June 2018