UROP is now inviting submission of projects for Round 2 – 2019

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is a paid employment scheme designed to give undergraduate students an early opportunity to experience real life in a research laboratory and gain insight into careers in biomedical research. Students undertake a project which is part of the research program of a biomedical research laboratory. They are supervised by a research scientist in a mentoring role and work alongside other research staff and students in the team. The project can be experimental and based in a laboratory, clinical, computational or mathematical/statistical.

Students in the scheme are employed by the host laboratory as casual staff, at a rate approximately equivalent to universities’ HEW 2 level (~$34/hour). Students must work full-time during some or all of the vacation periods (recommended approx. 2 weeks during the winter recess and 4 weeks during the summer recess) and ~8 hours a week during semester. It is recommended to students that they work at least 1 full day (8 hours) or 2 half days (4 hours).

UROP is not a vacation scholarship scheme but is designed to allow students to become integrated in the research group – students would be expected to hold the position for a minimum of 6 months but can stay as a UROP as long as they are an undergraduate student. The length of placements is 6-18 months.

Supervisors are invited to submit applications to host students in their laboratories through the UROP scheme. Entry into the scheme by students is highly competitive. Biomedical Research Victoria coordinates the selection of students and their matching to suitable projects.

The students will be available to commence work in laboratories during the university’s semester holidays. Actual start dates are arranged by the supervisor and student. Biomedical Research Victoria will coordinate the call for applications from students and conduct the initial screening interviews. Suitable candidates will then be introduced to individual supervisors by the UROP Program Manager.

A Supervisor’s Perspective

Principal Sponsor