Become a UROP Sponsor

UROP finds casual employment positions in biomedical research teams for undergraduate students. It is designed to replace often menial part-time jobs with employment that can kick start a student’s research career.  The students gain real-life experience of research and the employing team gets to train prospective honours and post-graduate students on the job – and the students make a real contribution.

The scheme is highly competitive and the calibre of the students is very high.  However, a limiting factor for research teams’ capacity to take students on, is the cost of the student salaries, which usually has to be found from scarce grant funds.  Partial support for the student stipend really helps offset this cost.

Biomedical Research Victoria is interested in hearing from potential sponsors of UROP positions. UROP positions can be named and earmarked for a certain group of students and/or targeted to a specific health research area.

A sponsorship beginning at around $7,000 would be enough to provide half-stipend support for a student for one year.

If you wish to make a sponsorship enquiry please contact Biomedical Research Victoria on +61 3 8344 1936.