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Australian Research Infrastructure Network funding announcement

The software solution at the heart of the Australian Research Infrastructure Network (ARIN) will transform the way researchers and biotech see and access resources in the Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN).

The Victorian Government as part of their Technology Plan for the Future have provided funding to support the VPTN to purchase software and manage the system. The initiative will provide facilities with an advanced software resource to manage their scientific core facilities, to create transparency in capability and simplify user access. This will enable greater engagement between facilities and a more diverse user base, including biotech, pharma and academic researchers, creating sustainability in the infrastructure base, and driving collaboration.

The information system and reporting capability provides a new degree of insight into resource utilisation to assist facilities and organisations in developing their enabling technologies.

Visit the VPTN website to learn more about ARIN.

Health and Medical Research Expo – Victorian Parliament, 22 – 24 May 2012

The Health and Medical Research Expo, “Innovating for Victoria’s Health”, was held at the Victorian Parliament to showcase the strength and value of the health and medical research sector in Victoria.

Many parliamentarians visited the exhibits during the three days of the exhibition and had a chance to chat with those health and medical research colleagues manning the displays.  The Expo was launched on the evening of Tuesday 22 May by the Minister for Innovation, the Hon Louise Asher.

We extend sincere thanks to all those involved in preparing and manning the exhibition.

Click here for more information about the Expo and to access the Expo e-book.

Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research

2011 Australian of the Year Simon McKeon will chair an independent review of health and medical research in Australia and recommend a 10-year strategic health and medical research plan for the nation.  Details of the review process, terms of reference and opportunity to make submissions can be found at http:/  Closing date for submissions is 30 March, 2012.

The Bio21 Cluster will be making a submission on behalf of its Member organisations.

Welcome new CEO A/Prof Jan Tennent

The Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Associate Professor Jan Tennent to the position of CEO of the Bio21 Cluster.  Jan commenced her appointment on 23 January 2012.