A Peak into Industry

urop-small6Some refer to industry as the “dark side” of science.

But at CSL it’s anything but – as UROP students discovered at the 2016 UROP CSL Tour & Network Event at Parkville’s Bio21 Institute. As the students got a taste of what industry careers are all about, they were quick to ask questions and eager to learn more.

The afternoon kicked off with talks from Eugene Maraskovsky and Pierre Scotney on careers within industry at CSL and the company’s research structure. urop-1

UROP alumnus Riley Metcalfe then spoke about his time at CSL during his placement in 2013. He told the audience about what he considered the biggest differences between working in industry and academia – and both work-life balance and rigorous lab notebook keeping got a mention! UROP Kylie Luong, who is currently placed at CSL, gave her insights and talked about her plans for the future.

CSL scientists then led UROPs on a tour of CSL’s impressive Bio21 protein production and purification facilities where they saw where the research happens first hand. And it was difficult to pull them away.

“It was particularly interesting to hear about the way research is structured at CSL, and some of the differences between industry and academia,” said one of the event participants. “Now that I know more about careers in industry, it’s definitely something I will consider in the future.”

Perhaps joining the dark side holds a bright future, after all.

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(Image credits: Lou Fabri)

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