2017 BioMedVic Early Career Clinician Researcher Awards


The BioMedVic Early Career Clinician Researcher Awards recognise and support clinicians that have demonstrated their commitment to careers as clinician-scientists.

The Awards are presented annually in recognition of a researcher’s achievement in one of the following categories:

  • Allied Health 
  • Medical
  • Nursing

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be within 5 years of their PhD (not including any career disruption)
  • Applicants currently completing their PhD are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must be undertaking a research project at one of BioMedVic’s member organisations

Application Details

All documents should be in .pdf format and must include:

  • A 1-page cover letter (500 word max) describing your research, your future research career aspirations and what benefit you expect to obtain from receiving this award
  • A 1-page letter of support from your supervisor
  • A short CV (maximum of 3 pages), in 12 point font, including qualifications, publications and presentations
  • Evidence of enrolment/completion of PhD and evidence of career disruption (if applicable)

Conditions of Award

  • This award is merit-based and BioMedVic reserves the right not to award the funds in this round if there are no qualifying applicants of suitable calibre.
  • The awardee will receive a prize to contribute to attendance at a relevant conference/meeting within 12 months of receiving the award.
  • Awardee must submit a 1 page (400-500 word) report outlining the benefits of attending the conference to their research and their career aspirations. Inclusion of photographs in the report is encouraged. Reports must be submitted with 2 months of conference attendance.

Application Form

To apply, please complete the information below and attach all supporting documentation.

Applications close Friday 1st September 2017. 

We anticipate making an announcement of the winners in October. The winners are expected to attend the award ceremony later in the year.

For further information please contact the BioMedVic Engagement Manager Dr Viviane Richter on +61 3 9035 5082.

2016 Winners and Commendees

The 2016 Early Career Clinician Researcher Award winners and commendees, presented by Kathleen Philip, Chief Allied Health Advisor of Victoria. Read more

(L-R) Kathleen Philip, Jeanette Tamplin, Alice Burnett, Simon Joosten, Yet Hong Khor

2015 Winners and Commendees

The 2015 Early Career Clinician Researcher Award winners and commendees. Read more

ECCR Winners & Commendees

(L-R) Dr Cylie Williams, Dr Elif Ekinci, Dr Carmen Pace & Dr Jacqui Frowen.