2014 VCRN Career Recognition Award – Prof Euan Wallace

20614151006_7dc8bed96e_oAwarded to Professor Euan M Wallace, AM
Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Monash University
Director, Obstetric Services, Monash Health


Approximately 80 guests attended the 2014 VCRN Career Recognition Award ceremony was hosted by BioMedVic with Monash Health at which Professor Euan Wallace AM was honoured.

Instigated to identify and honour individuals with an outstanding record in patient-based research and clinical work and who are regarded as having had substantial influence among peers and colleagues, the VCRN Career Recognition Award recognises exemplary supervision and mentoring of other clinical researchers.

Professor Wallace, the head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash University and the Director of Obstetric Services at Monash Health, and his group’s research focuses on basic and clinical aspects of pregnancy and pregnancy care. Prof Wallace was nominated by Prof Eric Morand, Head of School of Clinical Science at Monash University, as he “exemplifies the clinician researcher, with active concurrent leadership roles in healthcare delivery, research, and education.” Dr Ryan Hodges, Head of a Perinatal Services at Monash Health, gave a humorous talk about his recollections of completing his PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof Wallace.

Dr Hodges reminisced that at a time of difficulty and doubt in his research career, Prof Wallace advised him to “just trust me”. Advice that Dr Hodges took and undoubtedly payed off.

The highlight of the event was Prof Wallace’s moving dedication of the award to his wife, Karen, who he said has been the most important person in his career. “Work is my life, it’s who I am. I love my work and it’s a privilege to come here to work every day,” he said.

Professor Wallace emphasised the rewards of “growing the next generation of clinician-researchers and seeing them experience the joy that clinical research has been for me. Clinicians who undertake research come back to us in the health service as better doctors, even if they don’t pursue a career in research.”

Professor Euan Wallace exemplifies the clinician researcher, with active concurrent leadership roles in healthcare delivery, research, and education. Indeed, in these roles he has aligned the three pillars of what we now know as the academic health science centre, namely clinical practice, research, and education, well ahead of this concept being more widely promulgated. Under Euan’s leadership, the provision of obstetrics and gynaecology services has advanced greatly at Monash Health whilst he has led one of Victoria’s great research success stories – The Ritchie Centre – and continued with his own innovative research program while mentoring tomorrow’s scientists and clinician scientists. In short, Euan is one of Australia’s leading clinician researchers.”- Professor Eric Morand MBBS (Hons) FRACP Ph.D., Head of School of Clinical Sciences, Monash University