About the Victorian Clinician Researcher Network

Victorian Clinician Researcher Network

Supporting clinician and allied health researchers

The goal of much biomedical research is to deliver improved health outcomes and enhancements in health services.  Translation of basic research findings into improved clinical practice can only be delivered by qualified health personnel, such as doctors, nurses and allied health workers.

However, heavy clinical service delivery workloads, lack of funds and a lack of institutional support for research activity make engaging in research increasingly difficult for hospital-based researchers.

The Victorian Clinician Researcher Network (VCRN) was established by Biomedical Research Victoria in 2010 to provide a voice for this group, identify issues that impact clinician researchers and to advocate for change aimed at improving the capacity for clinicians to conduct research.  Today, the VCRN represents >1200 medically qualified individuals, nurses and allied health professionals.

The VCRN holds occasional forums on topics of specific relevance to clinician researchers.  The VCRN Advisory Group provides guidance to BioMedVic in relation to the types of activities that will resonate with this expert community.  The VCRN reports informally to the Hospital Research Directors Forum (HRDF).

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