About Us

Representing Melbourne, Australia’s biomedical research capital

Victorian researchers have helped improve the lives of millions of people. Their research contributions have built international reputations and drive economic development in the state.

Our scientists are among the world’s pioneers in translating health and medical research outcomes to the clinic for cancer care, control and diagnosis of infectious diseases, medical device technologies and drug discovery and development, to name a few.

Biomedical Research Victoria (BioMedVic) is the state’s leading network of universities, academic hospitals, medical research institutes, CSIRO and other research organisations. Our vision is for the Victorian health and medical research sector to be a global leader in innovation, to improve health and to create wealth.

BioMedVic helps its members develop vibrant relationships with one another, with industry and with government. A unique constellation in Australian research circles, BioMedVic ensures the collective needs of the research community are heard by government and that industry and academia engage in conversation. By creating synergy across the Health and Medical Research sector, BioMedVic works towards stronger research and better skills, expertise, employment, investment and growth.